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I’m very proud to get this part of the site online. It’s probably the part of the website, that has needed the longest time for developing.Here you will be able to watch all our disc machines running in some month. Actually you can hear and download some great tunes made by the early Glenn Miller Orchestra,some classical tunes and a waltz,The original Discs was recorded by an original DEMSA Adapter that was made in the late 40´s. I restored it and added a PC connector that allows me to record the discs via a special program to Mp3 files. The adapter is now an high end recorder for old 78 discs. You will find that there are perfect deeps and a really unknown Quality of 78discs.

But of course the sound depends to the amplifier and speakers. Don’t listen the tracks at some little PC speakers. I’m sure you won’t find an acceptable quality. Simply burn the mp3 files to any CD and listen to it. Nearly every Sound System is better than a normal PC speaker.

If you have an old tube amplifier then I highly recommend to use it!

The sound is a hundred times better than the sound of a new transistor amplifier,

In the future we will also add a album that contains approx. 25 tunes of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Some classical tracks like Mozart or Beethoven will also follow in some weeks.

Also we will completely change to High Definition Videos, but low complexity videos will also stay available at our Youtube Account ( ). High definition is a whole new experience of movie watching. You will be able to see things at the phonographs you could never see before.


We wish you a very good and successful year 2009


Fritz Unger ; 7.1.2009


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