About Me

My name is Fritz Unger.
I was born in hannover in may 1991

I programmed this site for my father. He collects talking machines for many years.
When i saw his phonographs working, i decided to programm a site for him where every phonograph is shown while playing.
To share the sound and the look.

My personal most loved object is a 106 HMV grammophon in full mahagoni.
Its sounds so great. ( It will be online in some weeks )

I like Jazz, Swing, Musical and full Big Band sound most. But i also hear gospel and rock some times too.
If you play an 1944 Glenn Miller disk at the 106. Its unbelivable! You must have heard it...

I began programming with 15 years.
Until i was 13 i was too scared to use the internet because i thougt i would destroy something if i use it.

But i like planes very very much. Because of that i plan and build planes ( up to 15 feet wing span ). Because i thought it might be difficult to fly them i told my younger brother Karl to do this.
Each plane crashed or was critically damaged when or before testing it.
At 13 i planned an auto-pilot for one of my planes.
But how to build that ?
During 2years i learned nearly each day. At the end i understand the important most things.
But then i dont need to build planes anymore because i went into a soaring club at that time.
So i tryed to build a computer. It ended after the two weeks when i needed 400 transistors....

After that i tryed out the software. I cant work with windows or any other program at that time.
I tryed out anything with my first own computer. An old Acer Note Light with 133mhz and defect display.
I learned how to use windows without screen. At the holidays the CMOS Battery was empty so i unbuild it and used the keyboard for training of writing.

When i was back from holidays i bought an Acer “Note Nuovo” 166mhz 2MB Ram. With screen and windows 98.
It worked good for a half year then the CMOS Battary was empty. :(
I destroyed it and bought a new one.

A Dell Latitude C600 with 700Mhz P3 and 256mb ram. That was a new world of speed for me. Windows 2000 was also better. I tryed out everything with the notebook. ( My first games too :-) )
After a half year the notebook was too slow for me. I unsearched ebay for a new one.
I find a Dell Latitude C840 1,6ghz P4 512MB DDR 32MB GeForce 4.
I began to learn how the web works and tryed to design my own pages.
I also bought “Call of Duty” and was very happy about the great UXGA screen.
But without domain and webspace no website.

After a half year i meant that it was time for a new notebook. At this time i had just programmed my first website for 250€!
I selled my C840 at ebay for about 400€ and bought my new one at
A Inspiron 6400 with 1,86ghz dual core, 1GB RAM, and 256mb PCIe GMA 950, W.Vista Home Premium
With this notebook i programmed 2 websites. The money i earned for programming them was enough to let my dreams come true:
A really good notebook with the possibility of playing modern games.

So after half year i bought the next one. A Dell Vostro 1500 with 2,2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 3Gb Ram, 256mb GeForce 8600M GT, 160GB, W. Vista Business
My father bought me the newest version of my webdesign program.
Now i began programming and redesign all my Websites.

I learned how to write HTML and the some things about PHP, MySQL etc.

Im very happy that i had the luck that i must pay all my notebooks for my own. So i know how hard it is to get them.
Now i´m 16 years old. In the next time i´ll programm some sites.
At this point i want to, no i must thank my uncle Fritz A. Unger. He had helped me at any problems and did a lot of things for me. Thank you !

I hope you´ll enjoy your visits at my sites.
If you want contact me please use the known e-mail adresses.


P.S: The next Notebook would be a Vostro too. Its a genius Notebook. But it would have a penryn processor. Also 4GB of RAM and windows vista ultimate.

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