Graphophone Model K  ( Spring Motor )

Introduced 1895
Single Spring
Governor 4-Ball
Nr. Bedplate : 104
Orig. Price 85,00
Only 6 - 15 survivers

I found this machine in a small czech town, lying under an old sewing machine. There was no cabinet and the machine was all over corroded.
After cleaning, oiling and building new leather inlays for the gearwheels, this machine works. Look for the twisted belt, which is used because the reproducer needs this for driving from the right to the left side. We built an cartboard horn and used a pathe gutta-percha reproducer. You hear it playing an 1897 original edison wax cylinde nr.631 ( Edison Symphony Orchestra ) “Faustwalzer”.

Thanks to Allen Koenigsberg and Howard Hazelcorn for answering all my questions to this phonograph.